Dr. Mark Heyman is available to speak to your group on the psychosocial, emotional, and behavioral aspects of diabetes. He brings an in-depth professional understanding of the interplay between diabetes and mental health, along with personal insights and a relatable style to his presentations to groups of all sizes.

Mark speaks regularly to groups of patients, healthcare providers, diabetes organizations, and members of the diabetes business community. His most requested topics include:

  • Diabetes and Mental Health: The Basics
  • Diabetes is Tough: How Do I Start Making Changes?
  • Diabetes and Relationships
  • Supporting Your Teen with Diabetes
  • Communication for Healthcare Providers: Help Your Patients with Diabetes Feel Heard
  • Helping Your Patients Overcome Diabetes Burnout

For more information or to book Mark to speak to your group, email mark@cdmh.org or call 858-461-9295.