Good diabetes management is driven by good data. Blood glucose values, carbohydrate counts and so much more are all essential in day to day diabetes management. This data can be […]

Long Healthy Life?

I don’t think I’ve ever met a person with diabetes who has said that they don’t want to live a long, healthy life. However I meet people all the time […]

Trust and Your Insulin Pump

The most important part of any relationship is trust. The relationship between a person with diabetes and their insulin pump is no different – it has to be built on […]

Making Changes

As hard as many of us may try, we can’t do much to change the reality of what diabetes is as a medical condition. What we can change however is […]

Letting Go

When someone walks into my office, more often than not, they are coming to see me because they are looking to let go of something related to their diabetes. While […]