The Center for Diabetes and Mental Health was founded because living with diabetes is hard and our motivation is every person who struggles with diabetes. We want to help make living with diabetes easier by providing resources and information to the diabetes community about the psychosocial, emotional and behavioral aspects of living with diabetes.

We hope that our blog can be one of the primary ways that we can do this. For a long time, we have observed, admired and referred patients to the diabetes online community. This robust community is a phenomenal resource in providing support to people with diabetes and helping them not to feel so alone. We’ve noticed that in many of the diabetes online community’s blogs, tweets and Facebook posts are about the psychosocial and behavioral challenges of living with diabetes, but not much was out there from a professional perspective. People are sharing their success and their failures, their struggles and their concerns and we hope that this blog can offer a professional perspective on these important issues. We hope that this blog can be a resource to help the diabetes community to better understand these issues, and use it to help make living with diabetes easier (for yourself, your friends/family, your patients, or your customers).

Our motivation is you! Think about what types of things you would like us to write blogs about. Do you have a burning question or something you would like to see us discuss? Please leave it in a comment below!

2 replies on “Our Motivation: Every person who struggles with diabetes”

My 18 yr old DS diagnosed at 14 struggles so hard with taking his insulin and testing. It’s so frustrating as a mom to watch my son basically committing suicide. Any advise would be truly appreciated. Thank you!!

Kim –

I’m so sorry to hear your son is having such a hard time. If you tell me where you live, I will try to help you find resources near you that can help your son. Feel free to email me at if you prefer.

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