about CDMH

The Center for Diabetes & Mental Health  is YOUR PARTNER in navigating the emotional side of living with T1D.

Our mission is to help you get unstuck, so you can live your life, without letting T1D get in the way.

T1D & mental health is all we do. This means you’ll get the most effective, evidence-based tools to help you manage the stress of T1D, so you can focus on what’s important.

We understand the mental health challenges of living with T1D and we also have the clinical expertise to help you overcome these challenges and become more free and flexible in your life.

CDMH offers information, programs, and services designed to help you navigate the stress of living with T1D. We know people with T1D need different types of support, and we aim to meet you where you are with our service offerings.

Information and Resources: For people who want to learn more about the mental health challenges of living with type 1 diabetes.

Digital Programs: For people need help navigating the stress of living with type 1 diabetes, so diabetes does not hold them back.

      • Get Unstuck with T1D digital program (Coming Soon!)

Direct Clinical Services: For people with a T1D-related mental  health challenge that negatively impacts their relationships, ability to work, or diabetes management.


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